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Sludge Coffee Roasters

Maddy's BlendWe are a family owned small batch coffee roaster in Holly Springs, NC. We started off doing home roasting for our use and gifts for friends. This grew into what is now called Sludge Coffee Roaster. We often hear “why the name Sludge” and “who in the right mind would drink something called Sludge”. Well, the name Sludge is a playful tribute to the lousy bitter coffee Kurtis drank while in the Navy. We also explain that sludge is often found on the bottom of a great smooth cup of coffee. Hence our slogan “this ain’t your average sludge!” Once we explain the ties to the name and they get a taste of our Sludge, they are hooked. One of our most popular coffee, Maddy’s Blend, was created by our, then 9 years old, daughter Maddy. She wanted to learn how to roast. So Kurtis and Maddy roasted and tried all the different beans we had on hand. Maddy combined her two favorite beans, which created a smooth, rich taste without the acidity or bitterness often found in coffee. Maddy gave the coffee to her teachers as gifts and quickly soon after that, her teachers were requesting more and more of Maddy’s Blend. Currently, our coffee can be purchased at Mama Birds Cookies & Cream, Hook and Cleaver, The Rusty BucketApex and Holly Springs Farmer’s Markets, and on-line.

MMIAEarly on, we knew Sludge Coffee Roasters should give back to our community.  Maddy decided that she wanted to help Working Dogs.  In early 2015, we created our Working Dog Blend. This Colombian and Costa Rican blend coffee is just what you need to start your day off. It has a creamy sweetness and great bold taste. Not only does this coffee taste good, it helps support a great cause. A portion of the proceeds is donated to Working Dogs.  We have had the privilege of donating money, dog treats and toys overseas to the military dogs keeping us safe.

Roasting at the Farmer's Market
Roasting at the Farmer’s Market

We proudly roast on Sonofresco fluid bed coffee roasters.  We currently have a 1 pound and a 2 pound roaster that utilizes Sonofresco’s Advanced Definition Roasting (ADR) controller.  The ADR software package provides a simple and intuitive means of designing time-temperature roasting profiles for different coffees using a laptop computer.  Bluetooth connectivity uploads the profiles and roast level to the roaster and then monitors the roast profile on the computer screen to ensure a consistent roast.